Most secure cloud storage and Data Room pricing

Since the market offers many variants of digital data rooms these days, a customer must always understand the main advantages of the platform and pay attention to speeding up work transactions.

Virtual Data Room – a secure cloud storage

Moving to remote work has become a new challenge in the field of data management. Companies had to rethink security policies, provide quick access to corporate data, and streamline file sharing. With the active entry of retailers online and the launch of new digital projects, the amount of content increased, which means that more capacity was required to serve the data. 

In order to make the user experience as intuitive as possible for everyone, web services (SaaS) are usually preconfigured with the necessary minimum of security barriers. Most users often consider this to be sufficient for private use. However, the situation is different when working with digital documents in a professional context. For this purpose, Virtual Data Room was implemented. 

Data Room provides fast, convenient, reliable, and policy-safe access to data. In addition, storage support a large number of individual settings that are important for companies, help launch and develop new services.

Data Room platform is intended to prevent uncontrolled data exchange, increase productivity and promote collaboration under secure conditions. It is also intended to maintain the companies’ air sovereignty over their own business-critical information. Besides, the Data Room workspaces provide a good overview of all your projects and simplify location-independent collaboration in teams and with external partners.

Data Room security measures

Data Room software providers use various security standards and follow common security guidelines and best practice approaches. In addition, the storage and transmission of confidential documents take place exclusively via SSL connections with AES encryption and a 256-bit key length.

In turn, authorized access control in the Data Room system is ensured through certain security functions:

  • user identification – the initial assignment to each user of a personal name, code, password, analogs of which are stored in the security system;
  • authentication (authorization check) – the process of comparing presented identifiers with those stored in the system;
  • transparent encryption protects your data from inadvertent disclosure and prevents snoopers from gaining access to other users’ data. At the same time, encryption keys are stored in accounts, so for the legal owners of information, its decryption occurs imperceptibly.
  • creation of conditions for work within the established regulations, ie. development and implementation of complex measures in which unauthorized access is minimized;
  • registration of calls to protected resources;
  • an adequate response to unauthorized actions. policy

The costs for software depend on several factors. Firstly, data room pricing is determined by the number of users of the service. The fewer organization members use the digital data room, the cheaper the package becomes. Different tariffs also provide different offers such as e-mail advice, extended security, and centralized user management. 

So, let`s compare some Data Room pricing models. For example, Drooms is a cloud solution and enables an unlimited number of users and documents on the IT side. The prices are scalable and depend on the project and the number of documents, users themselves are free of charge. The entry-level costs for Drooms Data Room start at 199 euros per month.

The Box should be available for 18 euros per user per month. The target group is companies with around 100 – 1,000 users. The license and one gigabyte of storage are included in the 18 euros. The product is also available as an on-premise version.

Each Teamplace Data Room includes 5 GB of storage space, 10 users, and everything you need to collaborate around files free of charge.